Santa Monica Pier

Hello everyone! It’s been almost 7 months since my last post. A lot happened in my personal life. Last year was the most painful year I’ve ever had. My heart got broken. Slowly but surely, I’m getting back to the person I used to be. I’m so happy to be back!

I went to Santa Monica Pier 2 months ago. It was foggy and freezing! I went with my whole family. We ate nachos, played games and listened to a singer with a beautiful voice. I love coming here. It brings me beautiful memories of my childhood. I used to come here only with my mom. She would ride the ferris wheel with me. Even though she was afraid of heights! I love my mom and the Santa Monica Pier!



Summer didn’t mean much to me. I even  wrote in one of my post a month ago that I didn’t like summer. Now I do. What change? I realised that life is too short to not like summer. Also, I’ve been thinking of all the tropical prints I can wear haha!

Now to this outfit. Shorts and tees are my favorite combo. I walk and run a lot. This combo makes me feel more comfortable when I’m out and about. Can we talk about how perfect this bag is? I’m obsessed with this bag! Thanks for visiting the blog! ♥️

Tee & Lace Shorts: Forever 21 Booties: H&M Bag: Etsy Sunnies: ZeroUV Watch: Cluse

Positive Vibes

When you know what’s important in life. Trivial things ceases to concern you. With so many tragic events happening around the world. Why contaminate yourself and this world with more negativity? Here are five things I do to feel positive:  

1. Read quotes & Psychology books  (This sounds dumb. But, whenever I’m feeling some type of way, I read quotes and Psychology books and I immediately get a different perspective of the situation or person.)

2. Laugh (I always find an excuse to laugh. If you know me you know I LOVE LOVE to laugh.) 

3. Take a walk around your neighborhood (I love doing this. I alway come back more energized.)

4. Eat your favorite dessert (Eating chocolate always brings a smile to my face.)

5. Take photos (Sometimes the process of editing a photo makes me so happy to the point I can’t stop talking about it, I know I’m weird.)

What do you do to feel positive? I would love to know. Thanks for visiting the blog!