The City

img_8896-1img_8895-2img_4357-3Going to the mall to shop is not something I’m into. If I go it’s mostly to eat, lol. There’s just something about looking at thousands of clothes, shoes, etc. that makes my head spin! It literally gives me headaches. I rather shop online. But, there are things that make me happy and don’t give me headaches like, going to coffee shops, art museums and taking photos of LA streets and the sky. I love my city and I’m not ashamed to say it’s the best city in the whole wide world! Everyone should feel proud of where they are from. Right? I feel proud to be from Los Angeles. You know that feeling when you buy a new pair of shoes or purse, and you can’t stop talking about it? That’s exactly how I feel about Los Angeles. The difference is the feeling is everyday! 

Photography: Gia


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