Tropical Sunday 

Always be who you are. Wear what you want. Go where you want to go. Don’t let no one specially strangers tell you what you can and can’t do. It’s your life not theirs!

Now to this dress. Last Sunday I went to the Arts District (love going there). This was the perfect place to wear this colorful dress. I love everything about this dress. The print, the ruffles and I love how pink and yellow mix so well. I was feeling really tropical haha.

Dress: Zara Bag: Urban Outfitters Sunnies: Forever 21

Photography: Federickson


California Bomber Jacket

Red is not a color I usually wear. But, this bomber jacket changed my mind. The rainbow patch and the embroidered California make this bomber a little more interesting and fun! Plus I get to represent my home state. ♥️

Bomber Jacket: Charlotte Russe

Photography: Federickson

Coffee O’Clock

I used to be anti coffee not too long ago. Long story short, one day I drank a Venti Cappuccino from Starbucks and I almost died! That was the last day I drank coffee. Until recently, I’ve started drinking coffee again. Nothing like having a great conversation with great company. While drinking a cup of coffee. I used to go to coffee shops and only order hot cocoa. Coffee O’Clock is now calling my name!

Location: Cafe Gratitude

Photography: Federickson