Moon Girl

“One day I will not even remember you”. -Moon Girl


Hello Spring

If there’s one thing I love wearing are shorts. I’ve always worn denim shorts. Never red striped shorts. I’m not going to lie, these shorts didn’t fit like I thought they would. They were still cute. I totally ignore the fact that it was freezing this past Saturday. But, I had to give these striped shorts a ride because, they’ve been sitting in my closet for the past two weeks! Thanks for visiting the blog!

Tee & Shorts: Forever 21 Shoes: Adidas Stan Smith Sunnies: ZeroUV

Santa Monica Pier

Hello everyone! It’s been almost 7 months since my last post. A lot happened in my personal life. Last year was the most painful year I’ve ever had. My heart got broken. Slowly but surely, I’m getting back to the person I used to be. I’m so happy to be back!

I went to Santa Monica Pier 2 months ago. It was foggy and freezing! I went with my whole family. We ate nachos, played games and listened to a singer with a beautiful voice. I love coming here. It brings me beautiful memories of my childhood. I used to come here only with my mom. She would ride the ferris wheel with me. Even though she was afraid of heights! I love my mom and the Santa Monica Pier!